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I promise, I have not forgotten about this blog.  Honestly!  I have been, however, very busy with a new adventure that will be happening on June 1st, 2018.  After years of purchasing, making, adapting, tweaking, and starting over all again, I decided to create planners for the Charlotte Mason mama.  They are digital downloads and I tried to leave a tremendous amount of leeway for your own creativity in how you wish for them to be assembled.

Along with the download there will be a password protected page that the purchaser will have access to that will contain videos explaining the pages and ideas behind their structure.  Who doesn’t need a little clarification once in a while? I know what it’s like being that mom that needed a little hand-holding.

And to top it all off, June 1st is my daughter’s 15th birthday.  So we will be opening with a 15% off sale bringing the price from $15.00 to $12.75.  🙂  Yeah!!!  This will last through June 8th.

I will be sharing more as June 1st approaches.  Also, here is a sample of some of the pages.


Charlotte Mason Freebie Alert

There are some wonderful resources that are up for grabs until April 17th, 2018. I personally have used these resources and can attest to their usefulness.  You can click the video and watch as I describe a little more about them or you can click on the link provided to go directly to the source.  *Disclaimer* In order to receive the PDFs, you will need to provide an email first.  You will receive your first PDF then receive one weekly until you have collected all nine.  Well worth the wait, in my opinion.

~Thanks for stopping by.

The Home Educator’s Tutor

Giveaway Time

Hi All,

It has been a while since I have hit the “blog-o-sphere” and thank you for being patient.  This week I discovered that my YouTube channel has hit 500 subscribers.  That may not sound like much to some, but to me that’s amazing.  I want to be a channel that encourages Mamas in their decision to home educate and give an honest view, one not skewed by “Pinterest” perfect homes or “Instagram” life.  I am real, you are real, let’s keep it real, ok?

NOW on to the fun stuff.  In honor of having 500 subscribers I am hosting a giveway on my Facebook page or you can click the link to add your email.  Also, commenting on a YouTube video will garner an entry.  You can just leave a smiley face. 🙂  Click the link in the sidebar for the giveaway page and you can watch the video below for info about the giveaway and also some of our favorite things we are using in our Farmstead school.


SCM Homeschool Planner

On this post, I plan to add a few different planners for the use of homeschooling.  The first one I have here is for up to three children while using the Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum especially if you use it exclusively. (I will be creating a more generic CM planner as well.)

This planner is in muted colors as to save on ink and can be printed with your toner save on or printed in gray scale.  Also, it is designed in landscape format.  For me, I need more room to write out assignments and landscape helps me achieve this.  Each spread is for one day, the whole planner printed out is 12 weeks worth of school or one term.  NOTE: planner needs to be printed double sided.

The planner is free~Enjoy!

CM Lesson Pic
Simply Charlotte Mason (Three Student)