Charlotte Mason ~ High School Years

HIgh school Years

Next year, our family will have our first homeschool graduate.  I am nervous, excited, proud, and well, a little elated.  Elated that we can look back together and say, “We did it!”  It has definitely been a wonderful adventure and the high school years have been made sweeter by using the Charlotte Mason approach.

In the video below, I discuss some of our favorite curriculums for high school and places for finding resources.  Below the video is a list of links to those curriculums and probably a little more.  You’ll notice that it is a simple list and that’s what every Mom needs. 🙂

You will also notice that I don’t have history listed, I will have a separate video on Simply Charlotte Mason history.  We. Love. It.

Enjoy~  As always, if you have a question, drop me a line.


Full Curriculum~

Charlotte Mason Help- Higher Up and Further In (Free)

Simply Charlotte Mason



Simply Charlotte Mason – Scripture Memory System

Bible Pins from my Pinterest Board


Axis – The Culture Translator is a wonderful tool helping parents connect with their youth.  (I forgot to mention this one in the video.)

God’s World News -print and videos online

Literature /Grammar~

McGuffey Readers also find them at  Dollar Homeschool

Mom Delights ~ Posts on using the McGuffeys in your homeschool. Very encouraging!


Ray’s Arithmetic also find them at Dollar Homeschool and Ray’s Arithmetic at WordPress (there is also a YouTube channel that accompanies this site)

Teaching Textbooks

Math U See


The 101 Series – Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Physics 101     These are DVDs with printable accreditation booklets.  Perfect for your visual learners and they are not dry and boring.


Enrichment Studies – offers free fine arts lessons.

Tutor Series ~ Many Fine Arts included in a 9 vol. set.  You may need to contact them and ask if they still have the disks or downloads.


The Usborne Book of Famous Paintings

Enrichment Studies – offers free fine arts lessons.


Enrichment Studies – offers free fine arts lessons.


The Well Planned Gal – I have purchased my second planner from here and enjoy them immensely.

Mom Delights –  (Homeschool Sanity) Mom of 15 shares how she uses McGuffeys (free online) to teach her children in the CM style.

Charlotte Mason Help – tons of info and inspiration. Getting the High School years organized.



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