Favorite Podcasts for Homeschooling

Read-Aloud Revival ~ Many podcasts here and many subjects covered.

A Delectable Education ~ All about Charlotte Mason homeschooling.  I wish I had found this earlier. Excellent for the novice and the veteran.

Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network~ No matter your style, there is encouragement to be found here.

Schole Sisters ~ I am new to this one.  A classical bent with a touch of CM.

Circe Institute ~ Another with a classical bent, yet I have found I can apply many of these with a CM education. And it’s called “The Mason Jar”, I love that name. 🙂

Susan Schaeffer Macauley on For The Children’s Sake ~ I love this presentation given by Susan in encouraging us in the raising and nurturing of our children.

Ambleside Schools ~  This isn’t necessarily a “podcast” but a YouTube channel.  They have wonderful insights on Charlotte Mason’s teachings and discuss the whys and hows. Check them out!


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