About Us


After waving good-bye to the heart of the Appalachia’s, our family made a short trek to the Midwest. College campus, suburbia, and no chickens lead us to find a spot for our family as we had in “Almost Heaven” West Virginia. We strive in our days to be a God-honoring, Christ-loving, Spirit-lead family. We fail and we fall, but in the end, He holds us up.

Why the name Farmstead Journal? Well, that is easy. I love writing things down for the purpose of reviewing them later. This acreage was once a grain farm and we are looking to have a homestead; therefore, I combined the names. I then grabbed a composition notebook and labeled it “Farmstead Journal” and so it began. I keep track of the weather, what’s in bloom, tidbits about our chickens, and prices of projects plus more.

Farmstead Journal.com is a place for us to record our antics and share with our loved ones what is happening on the Farmstead. You may find projects, videos, homeschool info, and lots more. You never know what is going to happen with the DeLongs on the Farmstead.



Some, not all, of the clipart used is courtesy of https://etc.usf.edu/presentations.

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