This is what I came for.

After a very rainy Spring here in the Midwest, we were finally able to close on our Farmstead in June. The first few days of waking up without the noise of someone stopping at the stop sign and then taking off like a cannon, to say the least, was blissful. We slept better due to the peace and quiet. This is what I came for.


Not two months after arriving, we couldn’t stop ourselves (ok it was me, but the kids had no restraint either) from purchasing six chicks. We have watched them grow and watched our children grow to care for the well-being of their livestock.
This is what I came for.


On a hot breezy morning, I gathered a spool of clothesline from the laundry room and headed out to the porch. We have projects galore and haven’t invested in a permanent clothesline yet. Not to fear, they are terribly simple to assemble and in a flash the sun and I were drying laundry. This is what I came for.


I love watching my children run as the fall leaves are blown from the trees while they yell, “Look, Mama, SNOW!”. And hearing their squeals as they paddle in the boat on the pond while they are looking for turtles. Or watching the older girls take the littles by the hand and go to their “secret” fort to play. This is what I came for.


I have many hopes and dreams and expectations of what Farmstead life should look like. I can decorate my home to be the envy of any Fixer Upper and plan scrumptious meals with a decorated table like a Pioneer Woman even raise a fabulous Victory Garden but if I leave out the little details I will miss what the Farmstead has to offer. It is the little things that make me pause and breathe. This is what I came for.