Charlotte Mason Failures and Goals

Let’s face it.  We all have suffered through failure in life, right?  Maybe so, but we need not *waller* in it.  I am a believer of learning from the past and looking ahead.

In this video, I discuss five things that I would tell my younger self if I could.  Since I really can’t I’ll leave it here for other mamas who need encouragement and honestly for myself as well.

Favorite Podcasts for Homeschooling

A Delectable Education ~ All about Charlotte Mason homeschooling. I wish I had found this earlier. Excellent for the novice and the veteran.

Charlotte Mason Poetry ~ All about the CM philosophy, application, and history of Miss Mason.

Simply Charlotte Mason ~You can watch on YouTube or listen to the audio version. Sonya is so encouraging.

Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network~ No matter your style, there is encouragement to be found here.

Susan Schaeffer Macauley on For The Children’s Sake ~ I love this presentation given by Susan in encouraging us in the raising and nurturing of our children.

Ambleside Schools ~ This isn’t necessarily a “podcast” but a YouTube channel. They have wonderful insights on Charlotte Mason’s teachings and discuss the whys and hows. Check them out!

Simply Charlotte Mason~ History Review

We are coming to the close of our first school year on the Farmstead.  This year I purchased Simply Charlotte Mason’s Modern History for our family.  It was easy to use and effortless to implement with varying grades and ages.

Click on the link below for my review. ~Enjoy!

Charlotte Mason ~ High School Years

HIgh school Years

Next year, our family will have our first homeschool graduate.  I am nervous, excited, proud, and well, a little elated.  Elated that we can look back together and say, “We did it!”  It has definitely been a wonderful adventure and the high school years have been made sweeter by using the Charlotte Mason approach.

In the video below, I discuss some of our favorite curriculums for high school and places for finding resources.  Below the video is a list of links to those curriculums and probably a little more.  You’ll notice that it is a simple list and that’s what every Mom needs. 🙂

You will also notice that I don’t have history listed, I will have a separate video on Simply Charlotte Mason history.  We. Love. It.

Enjoy~  As always, if you have a question, drop me a line.


Full Curriculum~

Charlotte Mason Help- Higher Up and Further In (Free)

Simply Charlotte Mason



Simply Charlotte Mason – Scripture Memory System

Bible Pins from my Pinterest Board


Axis – The Culture Translator is a wonderful tool helping parents connect with their youth.  (I forgot to mention this one in the video.)

God’s World News -print and videos online

Literature /Grammar~

McGuffey Readers also find them at  Dollar Homeschool

Mom Delights ~ Posts on using the McGuffeys in your homeschool. Very encouraging!


Ray’s Arithmetic also find them at Dollar Homeschool and Ray’s Arithmetic at WordPress (there is also a YouTube channel that accompanies this site)

Teaching Textbooks

Math U See


The 101 Series – Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Physics 101     These are DVDs with printable accreditation booklets.  Perfect for your visual learners and they are not dry and boring.


Enrichment Studies – offers free fine arts lessons.

Tutor Series ~ Many Fine Arts included in a 9 vol. set.  You may need to contact them and ask if they still have the disks or downloads.


The Usborne Book of Famous Paintings

Enrichment Studies – offers free fine arts lessons.


Enrichment Studies – offers free fine arts lessons.


The Well Planned Gal – I have purchased my second planner from here and enjoy them immensely.

Mom Delights –  (Homeschool Sanity) Mom of 15 shares how she uses McGuffeys (free online) to teach her children in the CM style.

Charlotte Mason Help – tons of info and inspiration. Getting the High School years organized.



Simply Charlotte Mason ~ Curriculum Haul 2017-2018

SCM Haul

As a homeschooling mom with a gift of administration and teaching, I LOVE unboxing new curriculum for the next school year.  I can also get lost in an Office Max, but that is another story.

Here is a video with our choices for 2017-2018 from Simply Charlotte Mason.  I still have a few subjects to purchase for, but this is the core of our year.