Jewel Weed Salve ~ Help for Poison Ivy

Our family loves summertime but there is one thing, ok two, that can make summer a little less glorious, mosquitos and poison ivy.

I had heard about using a specific “weed” to combat the effects of poison ivy and so tried it out this summer.  Jewelweed is common in the eastern U.S. and southern Canada and known as Touch-me-nots.  The pretty little orange trumpet-shaped flowers are easy to spot.  Careful when collecting it due to it usually growing in close proximity to poison ivy. If you believe you have been infected by poison ivy and are “in the field”, grab some leaves and flowers from the jewelweed plant and crush in your hand. Then you want to rub in on the infected areas to help combat the components in the poison ivy that humans react to.

If you find out too little too late and are displaying a rash from exposure, a simple salve can be made from the jewelweed.  Honestly, I was a bit dubious, but after my husband came in with poison ivy on his arms and used my salve to reduce the recovery time,  I was sold.  See, my husband gets poison ivy by just sniffing the air around it, not really, but it seems that way.  Also, it stays with him FOREVER, weeks on end of red itchy rash.

So let’s get to it: (I used Sunflower oil to steep my jewelweed.)

I used this basic recipe here, then added a few extras, because I am like my Dad-we add extra to everything.  Just ask my Mom. 😉

Here are the additions I made:   1/2 tsp Apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp European clay (I imagine you can use any drying                                                              clay  you wish)

10-12 drops of Lavender.  I followed Reclaiming YourRoots‘ directions added my additions and you can see the finished product in the pictures below.


Now, enjoy the rest of that summer!

Charlotte Mason Inspired Magnetic Schedule Board

My finished board with sample schedule. There are over 40 individual schedule strips to choose from.

I love having a beautiful way of displaying our schedule for school. This helps keep the children and me a bit more organized and the children know what to expect throughout the day.

In the video below, I show you how I made a simple yet beautiful schedule board for under $20.00.

If you wish to have a copy of the schedule strips for yourself, please click here.  You will NOT be added to a subscription list.