Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that I will be hosting a giveaway on my planner site.  You can click below to go on over and enter to win!                    Thanks a bunch.


Announcing Planner Website


I promise, I have not forgotten about this blog.  Honestly!  I have been, however, very busy with a new adventure that will be happening on June 1st, 2018.  After years of purchasing, making, adapting, tweaking, and starting over all again, I decided to create planners for the Charlotte Mason mama.  They are digital downloads and I tried to leave a tremendous amount of leeway for your own creativity in how you wish for them to be assembled.

Along with the download there will be a password protected page that the purchaser will have access to that will contain videos explaining the pages and ideas behind their structure.  Who doesn’t need a little clarification once in a while? I know what it’s like being that mom that needed a little hand-holding.

And to top it all off, June 1st is my daughter’s 15th birthday.  So we will be opening with a 15% off sale bringing the price from $15.00 to $12.75.  🙂  Yeah!!!  This will last through June 8th.

I will be sharing more as June 1st approaches.  Also, here is a sample of some of the pages.